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Our Story

Smart, Working Products

Welcome to, where innovation meets nature to tackle the age-old problem of pesky mosquitoes and other bothersome critters.

Our story begins with a simple yet heartfelt mission: to enable everyone to enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of biting insects. It all started when our founder, driven by a desire to alleviate his wife's discomfort from mosquito bites, embarked on a journey of discovery and creation.

After countless trials and extensive research, we're proud to present our groundbreaking solution: a meticulously crafted repellent that not only wards off all varieties of mosquitoes, including genetically modified strains, but also deters other insects and pests.

What sets us apart is not just the efficacy of our product, but also its commitment to environmental sustainability and personal well-being. Our formula is a testament to our values, being eco-friendly, biodegradable, sustainable, non-toxic, natural, vegan, and 100% organic. Moreover, it's free from harmful chemicals like Picaridin, DEET, IR3535 and Citronella, as well as other undesirables such as parabens and gluten.

We believe in responsible innovation, which is why our product is not only highly effective but also ethical and safe for the environment, pets, and marine life. It's a game-changer in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases and a testament to what can be achieved when science and nature work in harmony.

Join us in embracing the great outdoors with confidence and comfort. BiteRepel – where nature's defense meets modern innovation.

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The Team

Dedicated and professional

What really makes BiteRepel Inc. great is our committed and professional staff. We’re excited to introduce the great people who are at the heart of our business and do their best to make your experience at BiteRepel Inc. the best it can be. Scroll down to get to know them.

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Serene Johnson

Sales and Service Lead

After adding Serene Johnson to the staff as our new Sales and Service Lead, it really felt like our team took a giant leap forward. Not only do they excel at their personal responsibilities but they also serve as a great example for our less experienced employees.

Smiling Businessman

Jesse Neimus

Assistant Manager

We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful Assistant Manager as part of our team. When Jesse Neimus joined us, we knew we made a terrific decision, and their talent and dedication have proven themselves time and time again.

Smiling Man with Glasses

Drew Carlyle

Quality Assurance Manager

This team member brings their delightful personality and professional experience with them every day they come into work. It’s hard to imagine where we’d be without our trusted Quality Assurance Manager.

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