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BiteRepel Pets & Livestock provides the best all natural flea and tick protection for pets and livestock.


BiteRepel Pets & Livestock is a long lasting direct spray application that is easy to apply and highly effective.


BiteRepel Pets & Livestock can be sprayed directly to back of neck, shoulders, back and tail areas. Must be applied once a week to keep pets free from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other annoying pests! Be sure to apply the spray in areas that can not be licked by animal(s)


Soothing and long lasting, BiteRepel Pets is formulated to protect our pets against annoying pests - including wild and genetically modified mosquitoes.


May be diluted if required.


Apply directly to pets coat in an area they can not reach - Behind collar, between shoulders, on back, before tail area.


1 spray per area for cats, dogs and livestock under 20lbs

2 sprays per area for animals between 25-60lbs

3 sprays per area for larger animals over 60lbs


Apply once per week or every 10 days depending on how problematic the situation is.


BiteRepel Products are Guaranteed Eco-Friendly | Biodegradable | Sustainable | Non-Toxic | 100% Natural & Organic | DEET FREE | Citronella FREE | Paraben FREE | Vegan | Gluten FREE | Recyclable | Ethical | Environment Safe | PET Safe | Reef Safe | Ozone Friendly | Highly Effective


Do not apply around eyes and other sensitive areas.  If eye contact occurs, flush eyes with water and consult a veterinarian.


BiteRepel is a minimum risk pesticide and conforms to exemption from registration with the EPA under Section 25(b) of FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide Rodenticide Act) and California Code of Regulations Sections 6145-6168 exempt minimum risk pesticide products from registration, provided the product meets certain criteria.


Direction & Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil and Essential Oils of Lavender, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Lemongrass & Clove. Shake Well Before Use.


See FAQ for Methods of Use


Note: BiteRepel Pets & Livestock must be applied directly to skin. Failure to apply directly onto skin may cause 'browning' to the fur in treated areas - specifically on white or very light colored animals. This discolouration is not dangerous nor harmful to the animal.

BiteRepel Pets & Livestock - 2oz Spray - Organic Flea & Tick Prevention

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  • Great defence for our pets against annoying pests

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