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Mosquito | Bug | Insect Repellent & Vector Control

BiteRepel - Absolute Protection

BiteRepel was created to Repel All Species of Wild & Genetically Modified Mosquitoes (GMM) with Zero use of Toxins. BiteRepel is by far, the Best & Most Effective, Longest Lasting Bug / Insect Repellent in the market. Added bonus; it smells great too!

BiteRepel is Guaranteed Eco-Friendly | Biodegradable | Sustainable | Non-Toxic | Natural | Vegan | 100% Organic |  No DEET | No Citronella | Paraben FREE | Gluten FREE | Picaridin FREE | IR3535 FREE | Recyclable | Ethical | Environment Safe | Pet Safe |  Ozone Friendly | Reef Safe | Highly Effective


No Chemicals | Long Lasting | Smells Great
BiteRepel is the Perfect Solution for Outdoor Enthusiasts - Hunting, Fishing, Golfing, Camping, Off-Road Adventures, Swimming, Backpacking, Walking, Running, Jogging, Hiking & Other Sporting Activities including Outdoor Events like Parties, BBQ, Gardening and so on.

BiteRepel Outdoors | BiteRepel Topical | BiteRepel Pets & Livestock
BiteRepel Works Great on Flying & Crawling Insects including Fleas, Ticks, Gnats, Flies, Spiders, Ants & Other Bugs

The Fight Against Wild & Genetically Modified Mosquitoes (GMM)
And the Spread of Vectorborne Diseases

BiteRepel is the Most Effective Bug / Insect Repellent on the Market!
Ultimate Defense Againts Flying & Crawling Insects

Biotech company releases 750M genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild (with plans to increase that number to 2.4 Billion) in the hopes of controlling the mosquito population. Scientists hope these bugs can help stop the spread of some dangerous viruses over time.


With over 200 species of wild mosquitoes buzzing around America and the U.S. territories. One type that’s common in many parts of the country is the Aedes Aegypti. It can spread diseases like Malaria, DengueZika, Yellow Fever, MayaroWest Nile and Chikungunya through its bite.

Now if that wasn't bad enough, scientists have proven that mosquitoes are spreading Buruli Ulcer (Mycobacterium ulcerans infection). Buruli (a flesh eating disease) is a chronic debilitating disease that affects the skin and sometimes bone and can lead to permanent disfigurement and long-term disability.


Mosquitoes Are a Growing Public Health Threat, Reversing Years of Progress. Climate change and the rapid evolution of the insect have helped drive up malaria deaths and brought dengue and other mosquito-borne viruses to places that never had to worry about them - The New York Times

Note; In Febuary of 2019  the World Health Organization warned that an emerging resistance to insecticides could lead to a large increase in malaria cases and mortality.

OX513A is the first generation of Genetically Modified Mosquito. The second generation, named OX5034 has alrady been released in Brazil. The OX5034 is male-selecting, meaning that all female mosquitoes that carry the OX5034 genes die. This suggests a reduced potential of biting female mosquitoes.

Mosquito activity can vary depending on the specific area and the time of year. In general, mosquitoes are more active during the warmer months, typically from late spring through early fall. However, the exact timing and abundance of mosquitoes can be influenced by several factors, including temperature, precipitation, and local environmental conditions.

We have produced 4 versions of BiteRepel:

1. BiteRepel Outdoors - Great Indoor / Outdoor Protection for Home & Garden. See FAQ for details.

2. BiteRepel Topical - Perfect for Personal Protection Indoor / Outdoor use. Simply apply to skin.

3. BiteRepel Pets & Livestock - Outstanding Protection for Animals against Fleas & Ticks etc. Spray on back of neck, on their back, between shoulders and on top protion on hips (so they cant lick it)

4. BiteRepel Commercial Outdoors - The Best Outdoor Defence for Homes & Businesses. Used & Applied by Professionals Only, by Fogging & or Spraying devices. Contact for Details.

See FAQ page for more details & use instructions

To minimize mosquito encounters and reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases, it's a good idea to take preventive measures such as using mosquito repellent, wearing long-sleeved clothing, and eliminating sources of standing water around your property, as standing water is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Additionally, local health authorities and mosquito control agencies often monitor and manage mosquito populations to help mitigate the spread of diseases, but unfortunately due to the mosquitoes resistance to common pesticides, products aren't working with the rapid expansion of new mosquito and vector-borne species, as they are immune to Deet and Citronella based products.

Mosquito Guide
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